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Mentor Program - Steve Sisgold

Taking The Leap Mentor Program

For Six Months You Will Have Me:


Mentor Program

The way I see it,
Your success is my success
so I will do all I can to assist
you to have your goals actualized.

Finish With SuccessCarrying your goals over the line is an ongoing juggling of time, energy and finances to stay inspired and bring your inner visions, creative flashes and short and long term goals to actualization. 

For me, I like the fast track and I like to learn from others who have successfully done what I want to do.
When I want to manifest an idea, I seek help from coaches and mentors, as I know then I will take action and get a result, vs. talking about it for months and years or finding detours and excuses to take me off path. I feel great when I carry an idea/goal/desire over the finish line.

This mentoring relationship over the course of 6 MONTHS is for you if you are interested in:

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What I bring to the table



100% commitment gets 100% results

This mentoring relationship is a co- commitment, on my part and on yours. 

Making a special contract with you to go for great leaps and positive changes in your life is sacred to me. I will give my 100% to you and want you to know I will expect and empower you to give your 100% as well.

You will have a plan to follow and actions to take between our visit and calls and you excelling in keeping your word with yourself and me is a vital component to your success. When I mentor someone I commit to and ask for a high level of accountability on both ends.
passion for what you doMy greatest joy and feeling of purpose is when you take the leap, do what it takes and even dive afraid if you have to, and then realize the goals we set out to accomplish.

That fires me up!

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I am accepting 5 private mentor relationships for a six-month period.

If you want one of the 5 slots

Contact me to set up a phone appointment/interview



Audio Course LogoMy Boosting Your Personal and Professional Mojo
interactive audio course. You will receive 10 recordings on downloadable audio CD’s of my live course, free of charge; 6 of the live course, which includes me working with callers, plus 4 guided visualizations on purpose, value, vision and changing beliefs.

What's Your Body Telling You3 signed copies of my book Whole Body Intelligence. Enjoy and give extras to important folks in your life.


Gift Certiificate

A Gift Certificate: A 60-minute phone session with me, for you to give to someone special in your life.


And Included

Your Monetary Investment:

A non-refundable deposit of $2000 upon booking your visit to S.F, plus an additional $5500 when you arrive here.


A non-refundable deposit of $2000 upon booking your visit to S.F, plus two installments of $3125.00 each. (One the day of our first phone session, and the other halfway through, 3 months later)


A non-refundable deposit of $2000 upon booking your visit to S.F, plus $1200 per month for 6 months, with payments starting on the first call.


I honor your investment in me.

I have invested and still invest into ME and my business because it produces real profitable results, like getting coached on how to write and sell my 3 books to Rodale Press, Random House and McGraw-Hill, or learning how to get booked for paid speeches, or looking at what blocked me from attracting my life partner, or learning how to create residual income in the new E commerce, through online marketing, tele-courses, affiliate programs and more. I’ve invested heavily in my personal growth and business growth.

So I understand about taking a leap and investing in your dreams, your need to serve and the desire to follow your instincts.

I will be honored and give you my all, my full intention towards your success, when you take the leap to partner with me for 6 months, working on what you “can’t not” do anymore.

With much gratitude for reading my invitation,


Marci Shimoff  415-302-5922 ( PST)

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