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How to Design a Rock-Solid “Whole Body” Plan to Create the Life You Desire

Take a deep breath and ask yourself, “Are you living proactively or reactively?”

What answer did you get or how did your body feel? Whether you live a life of design versus default a whole-body plan will help you get more proactive and take greater charge of your life.

Vitamin A is the Most Powerful Gift
We Can Give

Tips for giving Acknowledgement, one of our fundamental human needs.

One of the key lessons I have learned which has contributed to any success in my career and relationships, is to acknowledge others for a job well done. When I do, it makes me feel good and draws success to my life.

6 Ways to Ring In the New Year With
Body Intelligence

By Rachel Carlton Abrams, MD, Steve Sisgold

1. Planning with body intelligence

The new year is the perfect time to get use your body intelligence create the 2017 that you want for yourself. Here’s some body intelligent tips to help you have success in every area of your life.

5 Tips for a More Easeful Holiday Season

The winter holiday season offers a wonderful time to enjoy special moments with the ones we love. For many, this time of year also stirs up some emotions around family, past memories, loneliness and reflecting on where our life is now. It can also cause stress like spending money one may not have on gifts, shopping mall crowds, an overload of obligatory parties to attend and reactivating sad or bad memories of past holidays.

Romantic Notions

Many of us fantasize during this time of year of a perfect holiday gathering, the laughter and joy of having the whole family gather, but for some, it's one of the most stressful times of the year. Stress, anxiety and depression are common during the winter season, so stay awake to what's going on in your body! You can catch yourself slumping or squeezing your belly tightly or even unconsciously broadcasting a physical message through your body language towards a relative....


How To Communicate in a World of Spin

If you watch or listen to the election buzz or any news for that matter your mind may be infected by Spin, a contagion of half-truths, fearful fictions, and blatant deceit. Spin-doctored sound bites by partisan pundits show up on every front. This virus of falseness is only getting worse and no one, it seems, is spared the plague of this spin.

It seems to me that truth has become passé, unpopular, even taboo for the media. They have become infected with Spin too and seem to hide the truth, and manipulate it at every turn to get more viewers or push their agenda. What we witness now is people taking sides and staking out their battleground using words as weapons to cover up self-serving, power-hungry lies. And as the polls show, we have lost faith in many of our leaders and even sadder in each other.

Is it any wonder then that so many of our moments at home and work present us with a confusing muddle of cross currents that bump us off course?

Here’s a Four Step Protocol for Keeping Truth .....

Why is Pokemon Mania Becoming Such a Pain in the Neck?

The hottest new active mobile game is fun and problematic too.

Unless you live off the grid or avoid all news sources, you are most likely playing, or at least are curious about Pokemon Go, the active mobile game being played by over 10 million people. It’s only been out a few weeks and already it’s topping the amount of Twitter’s daily users, and logging more time than Facebook, according to various tracking firms.

I’ve read many positive reports about how much fun it is, how it gets people to move, not sit on a chair, gets people out of their homes to play together and boosts business for stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other locations where people are looking for virtual pokemons. All good.


7 Steps to Redirect Your Stress and Recharge Yourself, On Demand

In our exciting times we have more new opportunities and choices then ever before. We also live in a culture that also offers more compelling demands on our time then ever before.

For many of us there’s just no time to rest, the pace of life is too fast and as a result there is a physical, emotional and even spiritual deficit in our life. Studies in the workplace show that stress, burnout, health issues and conflict between people is at an all time high.

Not giving ourselves time off to rest, exercise, meditate or take a break also never gives us a chance to reflect or observe what we are doing, objectively. What that causes for many of us is a tendency to fall in a rut, burn out and lose passion for our work and life. Just like machines, sometimes we need to pause and reboot.

Staying On Track Through Purpose: 10 Questions to Fuel and Drive Your Intentions

I have been a fan of The Golden State Warriors NBA team for over 3 decades. As talented as they are, what impresses me about them now is how they hold their team purpose above all else to win a championship, over any personal glory or stats.

All for one and one for all meant that veteran all-star starters took seats on the bench, keeping the purpose of winning first. It also meant adopting a new team strategy of constantly moving on the floor and passing the ball to the person who has the best look at the basket, rather then forcing any shots. Staying on purpose no matter what, took them all the way to reaping the ultimate reward, the NBA champion title last year.